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Petroleum filter elements

描述:Various performance standards have reached the technology requirements of similar foreign product;connection size is consistent with foreign filter, can be changed and replaced. 

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Filter basic construction
The product has small volume, reasonable structure, beautiful & fashionable appearance design,
stable filtering performance, minimal pressure drop, convenient installation etc. characteristics,
and outer cover and lower cover is assembled by pressing.  
2.1  Filter head material
Outer cover material: High strength carbon steel 
Lower cover: high strength cast aluminum alloy  
2.3  Filter mesh material 
Top cover is high strength cast aluminum alloy
Skeleton is made of high strength carbon steel
Filter media is made of high strength stainless steel wire  
2.3 Seals 
Perbunan (= NBR)
2.4 Type of connection    
Chosen according to the breather filter type




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