Dongfeng Filter cooperation customers HEBEI STEEL Corporation


Cooperation units of the China Datang Corporation

China Datang Corporation is December 29, 2002 in the original state power company formed on the basis of some enterprises and institutions of the large power generation enterprise group, is directly managed by the central state-owned sole proprietorship, is approved by the State Council authorized investment institutions And the national holding company pilot


The company has all kinds of technical and management personnel, finishing equipment for manufacturing professional products, the leading air purifying workshop up to 100,000 grades, and filter production line with annual output 100,000 sets. The company introduces the international most advanced Germany Pamas 2,132 online particle counter and multi-pass testing bench researched and manufactured by ourselves, possess fluid contamination control testing center covering an area of 1,000 square meters. The testing center is with world cutting-edge testing equipment, strict implementation of ISO testing standard, and provide reliable data for hydraulic components design. Therefore, the company became appointed "Testing Center of Xinxiang filtration & Separation Industry Ass